Zaza Farrell

Job Coach

Zaza Farrell founder of EmpowHER Enterprises Inc is empowering people, especially women and girls of all backgrounds. After overcoming low self esteem, misfortune, and shame, Zaza realized that power and self-worth are not defined by circumstance, material possessions, or the opinions of others. Led by this knowledge and her strong faith, she set out to create a non-profit organization that combined her passion and skills in Human Resources.

Zaza knew she had a gift of empowering girls and women through self-development opportunities and becoming the leaders she felt they were all destined to be. She created EmpowHER because she always wanted someone to believe in her. There are so many women and girls who are not supported yet are seeking more and through EmpowHER, we will be able to impact and change the lives of so many. By helping young girls and women, we are able to impact their life, careers, and family.

Professionally, Zaza is well versed in diversity equity and inclusion initiatives as well as establishing and maintaining effective relationships with universities and professional organizations. She helps leaders identify and attract critical talent for their business. Her key areas of expertise include high potential identification, diverse talent acquisition and university programming. Whether developing cutting edge strategies to address the changing workforce or designing and implementing processes related to diversity programming, Zaza has partnered with her clients to align business strategy with HR solutions.