Tara Finley

CEO of Refined & Empowered Outreach

Email:  refinedandempowered@gmail.com

Website:  www.Refinedandempowered.org

Phone:  201-892-8977


Tara is an innovator.  Her fresh and direct approach fulfills her purposeful mission of birthing a nation that will produce productivity through prayer and fasting.  She has an unwavering commitment and dedication to help others in need.  Tara believes that creating a cultural shift can change the mindset, behaviors, and attitudes in oneself which will ultimately lead to a powerful sound that rings out loud saying we are fearfully and wonderfully made to be amazing.  Her goal as a visionary servant leader is to help develop the growth and excellence in men, women, and youth by connecting them with the resources that will guide them towards that path.  If you have the “I want to change” perspective then Tara can definitely join forces with you to help cultivate a transformational outcome with lifelong support of encouragement.