Sherryl Hernandez

Trauma Specialist / Prophetic Intercessor.


 Sherryl is known as an accurate Prophet, Prophetic Intercessor and Watchman.  Sherryl’s passion as a prophet is to set lives, ministries, and states in alignment with the will and heart of God.  As a prophetic intercessor, Sherryl’s heart is to awaken prophetic voices in intercession all over the world, filling stadiums with prayer as in the day of Pentecost.  As a Watchman, she is passionate about the health, growth and weapons that form that prevent revival in the local church.


Sherryl’s ministry is marked with accuracy, discernment, and word of knowledge.  Many lives and ministries have been aligned and awakened because of the word of God in her mouth.


Sherryl has an entrepreneurial mindset.  She prophetically created a line of anointing oils based in Exodus 30 with testimonies of healings and a “Crowned” t-shirt line based on Psalm 65:11, “I Crown your Year with my Goodness.”

After 20 years of working with families and children, in 2017 Sherryl and along with her husband started a Trauma Informed Care Family Center for families with children in foster care.  Over half of our families have been reunified because of our Trauma Informed Care approach.