Elder Dana L. Royster

Master Teacher Coach for Preschool Teachers/CEO of Royster Ministries

Website: www.roysterministries.com


Elder Dana L. Royster is a native of Jersey City, NJ. She is a product of the Jersey City School system. She is a graduate of Kean University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree of Communications Public Speaking in 2001. She attended Montclair State University where she received her standard certification to teach preschool to third grade in 2002. She has completed her Master’s degree in Early Childhood & Elementary Education with an area of focus in Curriculum Development. She has completed her Principal Studies and holds a supervisory certification. She has been in the education field for twenty years within the Jersey City District, Union County and Abbott District in Newark, NJ.


She has served at the True Vine Church under the leadership of Overseer Roderick Allen for 17 years. She has served in the capacity as a Missionary, Youth Ministry Leader, Sunday School Leader, Sunday School Teacher, Outreach Ministry, Altar Worker, Mentor and Instructor for Women’s Conferences as well as Altar Work training. She developed a four week curriculum bible school for children ages 4-14yrs old. Elder served diligently as the Chief Adjutant for the First Lady of the assembly along with a host of well-known preachers and gospel artists, including such personalities as Jackie McCullough, Carolyn Showell, Kim Burrell and Karen Clark Sheard. She has traveled in ministry throughout the state of NJ and abroad.


Elder Royster has a heart and an assignment for soul winning with a prophetic thread gift to her ministry. During her undergraduate experience at Kean University, she held prayer meetings, prayer breakfasts, new beginners classes on campus where many people’s lives were transformed. There have been many testimonies of salvation, ministry elevation, married, authors of books, successful in the marketplace and careers.


My current Pastor is Apostle Jeffrey K. Knight from Congregation of Ko’ach Bethel and Powerhouse of God Organization in Philadelphia, PA. I have served with him in ministry for over 8 yrs.


Royster Ministries has been birthed for 10yrs (a decade). It is an outreach ministry to help heal the hurt, sick and deliver the soul from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light through Jesus Christ our Lord.